Posted by David Hardy
President Gordon opened the meeting.
Attendance 17 
Program: Trivia Night
As this was a social meeting, members and spouses began the evening enjoying each others company.  We then spent several minutes looking for Rocco in ‘chat’ and then assured Rocco that he and Lilian were indeed in chat and not lost in another video platform.
Danny Cassidy then did a wonderful job in leading the trivia.  He explained that he was the final arbiter on the answers (which came in handy when there was a huge bust-up over which was the longest river in the world – we’ll be talking about that for years in the future).  Danny settled matters by saying it was the Amazon and anyone who disagreed was in De-Nile.   There was a great pause during the argument as everyone rushed to the internet to find lengths of rivers so as to have information with which to argue with him.  Danny said that, as judge, his word was final. Editor:(if incorrect as the Nile is longer.  You can't believe everything you see on the internet!)
He then led participants on trivia questions on the following categories:  Geography, Current Events, Musical Theatre and Picture Questions.  At the end of this section of the trivia, Avrum and Vicki were winning with 22 points and Arthur came in second.
We then began the Name That Tune section – a trivia category that Gordon Brown had been waiting for as he has a reputation of being one of the best ‘Name that Tune’ players in the current epoch.  However, he was given a run for his money by Avrum and Vicki.  Avrum, proved himself the new champ by calling out ‘Smoke on the Water’ by Deep Purple.  Following a seemingly long period during which participants argued who should receive points for half answers, the final score was tallied.  Avrum & Vicki, Gordon and Arthur. 
Danny invited comments about how to improve the game and everyone thanked him for his hard work in developing the game and being host.
  Danny mentioned that both he and Ruth had a birthday on Sunday. Neighbours had a surprise champagne and cake party for them at the end of their driveways per COVID rules . Great neighbours!
President Gordon closed the meeting and wished everyone a good week ahead.