Posted by Jim Boyko on May 10, 2019


Anthem: Anthony Lippa

Grace: Courtney Fisher

Toast to Queen, Canada and Rotary:     President Donna

Members in attendance:18

Guests: 5  Joan Masson, Cheryl Meredith, David’s Mother, Daniel – Teacher  with Courtney, Lorie – District Treasurer, East York Rotary Club





$2,000 donation to David’s mother for the Palliative Care Society in Trinidad Tobago.



Thanks to Anthony for his $500 donation to buy pizza for Precious Blood School and their new playground development.


$1,000 donation to Danny Cassidy for Cancer Research. 


$500 for Scarborough Rosewood Food Drive.


$2,500 to Hope Air with funds raised regarding Frank Lippa Trust.


6. Barry Smith requested, those who have not done so, please return the Questionnaire ASAP.


Marbelous Draw:


- WHAT?  - Cheryle Meredith picked Allan’s Ticket

-   - Sorry Allan – only $5.00


Sergeant at Arms/Happy Bucks: - Arthur


- Those Members that did not attend Habitat for Humanity Breakfasts - $2.00




Danny Cassidy – forever thankful for the $1,000 Cancer Research Cheque. Added for the vacationing Frank Allison for the Liverpool win this week.

- Barry Smith for minimal Basement Flooding again.

- David Seemungal, for having his mother here once again.


Guest Speaker: Our own Past President Gerd Wengler

- Introduced by Gord Brown


Gerd gave an incredible presentation with 110 fabulous slides of Gerd’s and Dorothy’s hiking trip to New Zealand last February.

- The flight to get there started in Toronto, then to China and finally landing in Auckland N.Z.

- They hiked on both the North and South Islands.

- They visited Christchurch when a very devasting earthy quake happened a few year ago.  The City has been completely restored.

- Everyone must look at the Slides Peter Masson previously e-mailed to us to see the incredible scenery. 

- Some general comments by Gerd about their trip:

· No tipping at restaurants, etc. in Queenstone

· Great Beer was everywhere

· Everyone they met from New Zealand were extremely friendly just like all Canadians

· But they are very British

· All hiking paths were extremely organized with, signs, maps and information descriptions.



David Seemungal thanked Gerd for his incredible presentation showing the face of a country we never knew.

Gerds slide show:!AuWyz6kkNZ8jggMFZtuCTFhJSzhC




President Donna concluded a very informative meeting.