Posted by Arthur Retnakaran on Oct 04, 2019
Chair person:  President Barry Smith
National Anthem:  Rocco
Grace:   Peter
Toast to the Queen, Canada and Rotary:  President Barry
Attendance: 11 including 1 guest.
  • President Barry Smith received a check for $500 at the meeting of the Presidents of the District as a grant towards the Warm Hands, Socks and Caps program and he presented it to Arthur who is the Director of the Community Services. This amount matched by the club will provide $1000 towards the purchase of Gloves, Socks and Caps.
  • Rocco announced that he has received 33 items so far. Madhavi suggested that an optional method for describing the item would be a digitized description and a picture.
  • Basil asked everyone to provide the times when they will be able to volunteer by E-mail. Please refer to his earlier E-mail for details.
 Marbelous Draw: 
Arthur conducted the draw and Karen Wilson Moore picked the ticket held by Barry but the magic marble eluded him and he received the consolation prize of $5.
Guests: Karen for the last time was a guest but will be a member for the next meeting.  All of us at the North Scarborough Rotary Club welcomes you with open arms.
Sergeant at Arms:
Gordon asked for Happy Bucks.
Basil was rooting for Toronto FC’s last game this Sunday.
Barry celebrated his 44th wedding Anniversary. Congratulations from all of us at the club.
Saifoo celebrated his grandson’s 14th birthday.
Arthur was happy that he would not have to look after his daughter’s dog since she will be back tomorrow from Barcelona.
Yoanna Sejzha from the Hamilton Club was scheduled to give a presentation on the Liberian Library Project. She, unfortunately, had a flat on the 401 and could not get assistance in time to attend the meeting. Hopefully, we can reschedule it for a future date. However, we had an enjoyable fellowship exchanging interesting anecdotes.
Adjournment: President Barry Smith concluded the meeting by wishing everyone a pleasant week.