Posted by Arthur Retnakaran on Oct 14, 2019
Anthem:   Gerd W
Grace:  Tony
Toast to Queen, Canada and Rotary: President Barry
Members in attendance:  16 (including 1 guest)
Guests: One guest, Gerd the second, was introduced by Tony..
  • Rocco – We have a total of 128 items to date out of which 60 are from our club and we have a long way to go.
  • Barry - Dave has kindly consented to call the list of last year’s callers (Provided by Barry) regarding the auction. Also Karen Wilson Moor is going to be our newest member of the club.
  • Maddy – Had her Irish Golf Clubs auctioned off with the help of Alan and Gerd the second.  Barry put a bid for $50 and more bids are expected.
  • Saifoo – Courtney, and Cynthia are on a fundraising bid for the Rosewood and other food banks.
  • David – Brought greetings from the Port of Spain West Rotary Club in Guiana where his Dad was honored with a prestigious National Award.
Marbelous Draw:
Conducted by Jim.
Gerd the second picked Jim’s ticket but alas his conspiracy failed and he ended up with the consolation prize of $5!
 Jim was multitasking and was the Sergeant at Arms as well. He asked for Happy Bucks.
  • Jim was happy to be back from Ukraine where he visited his wife Marty’s village of Kalameya and the house built by her grandfather. A whole day hiring of a taxi with driver cost him a mere 4000 Klexnya (about $200) so Jim tipped him $100!
  • Gordon was happy that his grandson was signed up by TFC.
  • Tony was happy that his grandson got a job working with sheet metals and has joined the union.
  • Saifoo was happy to go to Supermarkets for receiving donations for the food drive.
Program:  Our own Danny Cassidy was the speaker and he gave a lucid lecture on how to join Twitter and start Tweeting.
Covered in the attached presentation:
  • How to download Twitter onto an I-Phone
  • How to download Twitter onto an Android phone.
  • How to set up a Twitter account.
  • Twitter common words: Tweets, @ts, #Hashtags, Retweets, Likes, Messages.
  • How to send a tweet attaching photos, GIFS, and Polls.
  • How to follow other tweeters, especially North Scarborough Rotary.
  • How to check your "Notifications"  This is an excellent tutorial on YouTube. I suggest you Take a look.
Maddy not only thanked him for his excellent presentation but also tweeted a message during the talk which appeared on the screen!
President Barry concluded the meeting and wished everyone a pleasant week.
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