Through "The warm Hands Project", every winter, our club supplies free winter accessories including mittens, toques and socks to selected schools to help students who lose these much-needed items stay warm during the cold weather. 
Winter is here and we all need to stay warm and cozy. Don’t you agree?

Well, our children certainly agree too but they also love to play too much - even on the coldest of days. On some occasions, many of them lose a mitten or two, or even a beanie. At other times, it is not their fault. Cut them some slack because we all know how mittens like socks always disappear like accessories of magic. 

About nine years ago, our own Rotarian Frank Allison came up with a brilliant idea which birthed the The Warm Hands Project, aimed at supplying mittens to schools, to help students who lose theirs get a replacement pair to keep their little hands warm. 

Doug Strype, also a member at the time, located a wholesale store, Bargains Group where we could purchase these items at a reasonable cost.

“It was felt that we could supply some mittens to the schools especially in depressed areas to keep the hands of the youngsters warm.” Says Arthur Retnakaran, director, Community Services. 

Since its inception, the project has grown tremendously under the Community Services Directorship.

From delivering just mittens in the beginning, to now to include toques and sock, we currently, we cover 21 schools in Scarborough. Every year, club members volunteer their services to deliver the accessories to the various schools. 

It is a very successful Community Services program that is well received by the schools.