Posted by Rocco Colangelo on Aug 27, 2017
Chairman –                 President Mike Mushet
National Anthem –     Gordon Brown
Grace –                      Peter Masson
Toast to the Queen - President Mike
Attendance –             12 including 1 guest
Guests -                      David's dad Sati Seemungal
President Mike, reminded us that September 10th is the Rotary Foundation walk in Whitby Ontario, please respond to Madhavi's e-mail request with your pledge.
On Tuesday September 19th is the official District Governor’s visit. This year will be a joint meeting with the Scarborough Club at the Scarborough Golf and Country Golf Club, our regular Wednesday meeting on the 20th will be cancelled, instead we join the Scarborough Club on the 19th for the official yearly DG visit.
Basil Dias gave us an update on the 10 items our Club entered on E-Bay as a trial for the TV Auction replacement, all the items were sold, the results were not bad, but didn’t get the expected fair value. The items are now in the process of being shipped to the bidding winners. Another trial is necessary, this time we are allowed to enter more items and hopefully we will be able to better evaluate whether this is a good alternative to replace the TV Auction or consider other alternatives.
Dave Hardy, told us that he and the rest of the committee, Mike Mushet and Frank Lippa, have met and came up with brain storm ideas for other fund raisers possibilities, we will get more updates here at some point through the Club assembly at a luncheon Rotary meeting.
Dave also told us on things going in the communities, during the month of September the  SCRO will be involved in several Scarborough events.  All the Scarborough Rotary Clubs members are encouraged to participate and/or volunteer whenever is possible.
Please watch for E-mails from the "Scarborough Community Renewal Organization" for actual dates and details.
Marbelous Draw Basil Dias conducted the draw, our guest Sati drew the ticket that belonged to Rocco but he couldn’t find the mutant marble. Rocco gladly donated his consolation price back to the pot as a way of happy bucks.  
Sergeant At Arms - Alan Meredith, fined all who haven’t read this month Rotarian, there were quite a few of us guilty as charged.
Alan then asked for happy bucks - Dave Hardy - Happy the police have identified the intruder that
broke in his daughter’s home and hopefully all goes well; Basil - happy to have attended a Rotary meeting at the Markham Sunrise Club in the morning; Frank Allison – some time your team wins sometime it doesn’t, Peter Masson- advise to read the articles in this month Rotarian, David Seemungal-good to be a Rotarian and glad to have Sati with us today.
 President Mike introduced today's speaker our own member Saifoo Lau. Saifoo is a sales representative for Home-Life and has been a full-time Realtor since 1994. Saifoo gave us an update on what is going on with the housing market now and some comparisons on price changes over the past few years.
Following his presentation Saifoo answered questions from the floor.
David Seemungal thanked Saifoo, for his update in the Real Estate Market and presented him with our Club's 50th anniversary scotch glass. “CHEERS” or “SALUTE”
Please follow the two links with the files Saifoo provided from today's presentation. The first a PPTX file with numbers that he makes reference to in the oral presentation that follows as an MP3 file.
Joke of the day:
Two hunters are out in the woods when one of them collapses. He doesn't seem to be breathing and his eyes are glazed. The other man pulls out his cell phone and calls emergency services. He gasps to the operator, "My friend is dead! What can I do?" The operator in a calm, soothing voice replies, "Take it easy. I can help. First, let's make sure he's dead." There is a silence, then a shot is heard. 

Back on the phone, the hunter says, "OK, now what?"