Posted by Rocco Colangelo on Sep 29, 2019
Anthem: North Scarborough choir, led by Mike Mushet.
Grace: Courtney Fisher
Toast to the Queen, Canada, and Rotary: President Barry.
Attendance: 25 including 10 guests 
Dorthy Evans, introduced by Basil,
Irv Handler visiting from the Rotary Club of Halliburton,
Dr. Raffy Chouljian, Dr. Peter Markle and Sonya Thompson (Raffy’s guests),
Michelle Lau – introduced by Courtney Fisher,
Karen Wilson Moore – a prospect member,
Gerd Mittman, introduced by Basil Dias,
PDG Ralph Jones, 
Bill Boyd, visiting from the East York Club.

Anthony Lippa presented to the Club a $5,000.00 cheque on behalf of his mom
Elizabeth Lippa towards the auction, thank you very much Elizabeth and Anthony.
Basil, is in charge of volunteers for the auction announced that he will soon be sending out 
an email explaining the hours when volunteers are needed for all the different functions at the
upcoming Rotary auction, Basil is asking to respond with your availability and please let’s make the Rotary auction a total Club effort.
Bill Boyd from the East York Rotary Club that we are doing the auction with, is in charge of
the on-air people and he is asking for volunteers who want to be on the air, not necessarily TV
personalities but willing to want to give it a go at it to sell the items that are up for the auction.
If interested please contact president Barry, Basil or Rocco so your name will be passed on to Bill.
Rocco reminded us that in order to have a successful auction we need items from everyone, 
preferably with a value of $100 or more, items with lower value should be bundled with compatible items to reach at least $100 value.
The actual auction is Saturday Nov. 23th, however here are the key dates leading to the auction:
Nov 1st, 2019: Item entry cutoff;
Nov 9th, 2019: Logical sort;
Nov 16th, 2019: Item Inventory;                 
Nov 22rd - 24th, 2019: Auction Weekend.
Raffy Chouljian announced that his Club organizes every year (a program that teaches kids how to correctly brush their teeth) this year is taking place April 1st being a Rotary project, Raffy would like to see more Rotarians get involved, contact Raffy for more information. – - 416-752-1143
Marbelous Draw:
By Tony Baker, drawn by Michelle Lau, won by Courtney, sorry consolation prize only.
  Basil Dias,
Basil and Dorothy attended one of their friend mother’s funeral prior of the meeting
and donated in honor of mothers being special, he then asked for happy bucks from all who also felt
mothers being special, you guessed, who wouldn’t donate for that. That was great Basil!
We all thanked Gerd for treating us to our choice of a glass of wine or beer today, thank-you Gerd.
Image result for Gerd WenglerThe speaker today was our own Gerd Wengler.
Gerd joined North Scarborough May 15, 2000, has been a group director several times, president
Rotary year 2015/2016 and ADG 2017/2018.  Mainly for the benefit of the new members that have
joined our Club, gave us a summary of his life in a way of “Re-Classification Talk”, as defined in Rotary.
Gerd was born in Germany December 8, 1960, his father was a lawyer, his mother a house
maker as well as a teacher doing tutoring as time permitted, he has one sister four years
younger. After grade school went to high school, had a go as a Scout, as a Postman, as well
in mining in summer jobs but by since the early age of 16 he had made up his mind he wanted
to be an engineer. Between his studies, Gerd explored some adventures like spending some
time mining in Africa, from there he went to Australia, as well as Canada, graduated from
university in 1988. Went back to Germany, in 1989 officially emigrated to Canada.
To hear all Gerd’s chronological talk, please follow the MP3 recording link.
Basil formally thanked Gerd for speaking to us today.
Not being any further business for the good of Rotary, President Barry closed the meeting.

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